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Woodworking Set (681)

Woodworking Set
Woodworking Set
20 pieces Woodworking Accessory Set
  • Start-up kit for DIY woodworking applications: carving, engraving, sanding and drilling
  • Comes with reuseable storage case and 20 genuine Dremel accessories
  • Can be used on both soft and hard wood
  • Compatible with all Dremel Multi-tools

Product description

The high quality accessory kit includes an assortment of must-have accessories for creative DIY projects using wood. Craft your own hanging shelves, create decorative ornaments or personalise your wooden projects with an engraved design. With this kit you are covered for engraving, sanding and drilling applications on both soft or hard wood.

Example of usage

Delivery details: Woodworking Set (681)
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1x High Speed Cutter 3.2 mm (190)
1x High Speed Cutter (191)
1x High Speed Cutter 3.2 mm (194)
1x Sanding Band & Mandrel 13 mm grit 60 (407)
2x Sanding Band 13 mm 60 grit (408)
2x Sanding Band 13 mm 120 grit (432)
10x Sanding Disc (411)
1x Drill Bit (150)
1x Mandrel (402)
Product box length, 8.5 cm
Product box height, 14.5 cm
Product box width, 4.5 cm
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