Engrave jewellery

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Jewellery is always a wonderful gift for friends and family. When designed and personalised it creates double the joy of receiving jewellery. Use our Dremel 7750 to help create unique jewellery perfect for yourself or loved ones.

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Let's go - step by step

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Sketch of the desigered pattern for earring engraving

You need:

The easiest way is to record the dimensions of the jewellery and then sketch the jewellery out, then sketch on the desired pattern. So you'll see how it looks and if it fits.


Transfer design

Drawing the desired earring design on an earring using a black marker

You need:

With a thin permanent marker you can now draw your desired design on the earring.


Pick your accessory

Inserting a 2mm diamond wheel point into Dremel Rotary tool

You need:

For engraving metal there are several accessories and tools that work well for this application. We used the Rotary tool and a 2mm (7103) diamond wheel point. You can also use an Engraver 1.9mm (110). Both work very well.


Screw on multi chuck

Thightening the diamond wheel point with "multi-chuck"

You need:

The Multi-chuck (4486) is great for clamping the various tools. You do not need a key to tighten the multi-chuck but it can be tightened with your hands.



Engraving the earring with Dremel Rotary tool

You need:

Be sure to put on gloves and place the jewellery on a non-slip mat. Now you can trace the marker and start to engrave with the tool.


Engraving continued

Using Dremel Rotary tool to softly deepen the engraving

You need:

Do not apply pressure to the work piece or machine. To make the lines thicker just go over them again until at the desired thickness.


Finished Earrings

Completed homemade engraved earrings

You need:

Acetone can be used to clean up any remains.



Engraving the custom pattern on a bracelet

You need:

For the bracelet we took a diamond engraving point. It is ideal for very thin lines.


Trace and fill out

Using diamond cutter 2 mm (7103) to fill-in all surfaces and bring in more depth.

You need:

With a Diamond cutter 2 mm (7103) you can then fill-in all surfaces and bring in more depth.


Remove excess

Engraved bracelet after it was cleaned

You need:

As with earrings, remove the remainders of dust and permanent marker with acetone or nail polish remover if you have any.