How To Craft All Your Projects With Your Dremel Stylo+

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Create the perfect finish on your DIY and craft designs with just a single tool. The versatile Stylo+ Rotary Tool is light and comfortable to use for long periods of time. Its design lets you hold the tool just like an ordinary pen, allowing a secure grip for maximum comfort. Do you know you can personalise your arts and crafts with the Dremel Stylo+? The versatility of the tool allows you to constantly discover new ways to work and enhance your skill level.

With so many accessories, this tool offers endless craft possibilities. To make your experience easier, we have put together a quick guide with examples of which accessories to use for each application. Easily find your perfect accessory and get started with your project right away!

Let's go - step by step



Find your accessory for leather engraving, glass etching or wood carving

You need:

Find your perfect accessory to create smooth, carved out pieces of art, as well as adding your personal touch to each and every DIY project with engraving:

Leather Engraving:

Glass Etching:

Wood Carving:



Find your accessory for leather edge finishing or wood sanding

You need:

Whether you want to shape your material, get rid of surface blemishes or level wood, there is an accessory for each of these. Find out below which one meets the need of your project!

Leather Edge finishing:

Wood Sanding:


Cleaning and polishing

Find your accessory for removing rust or polishing and cleaning metal

You need:

Do you have rust building up on your jewellery, watches or other small workpieces? Use the below accessory list to discover what you need to get rid of those stubborn tarnished spots.

Rust Removing:

Metal Polishing/Cleaning: