How to cut and fit laminate

How to cut and fit laminate

    Need to lay a laminate floor and want it fitted neatly into the foot of the skirting board? Simply take your Dremel® DSM20 Compact Saw and flush cut into the skirting board. Cut the laminate boards with the DSM20 too: a complete job with just one tool!

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    Let's go - step by step


    Measure dimensions of your floor

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    Before you start: When you install laminate flooring on a timber floor make sure that all nail heads are punched down or screws countersunk first.
    Measure up the dimensions of your floor and calculate the square meters of underlay and laminate that you will need, adding 10% extra for wastage.
    Laminate flooring should be laid in the same direction that the light shines into the room.
    Sub-floors need to be fitted with an underlay before laminate flooring can be laid.


    Set underlay boards and secure with masking tape

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    Set out underlay boards side by side so that they cover the entire sub floor. The joints should butt together tightly to provide the best possible performance.
    Secure them with wide masking tape. If you need to trim any of the boards to size, use a steel ruler and craft knife to give a clean cut. This will maintain a snug fit and ensure no debris gets between the underlay and the laminate.


    Lay and trim underlay with DSM20

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    Underlay: Lay your underlay and trim to fit. Lay lengths side by side and secure them with masking tape.


    Cut into skirting board with Dremel DSM20 and DSM600

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    Start laying: Condition the boards before fitting, lay them horizontally in their packing in the room where they are to be laid for at least 48 hours. Prepare to lay the first board into the left-hand corner of the room. Turn the board over to protect it from being scratched use it as a height guide, perform a flush cut into the base of the skirting boards with your Dremel DSM20 and the Dremel DSM600 Multi-Purpose Flush Cut Carbide Wheel.
    Turn your laminate board back over and keep the end of the laminate with the short tongue towards the wall and tuck the laminate board into the cavity.


    Lay floor and cut boards with Dremel DSM20, DSM840 and DSM500

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    Continue laying floor: Get the first row of boards clicked together end to end. Continue to cut into the skirting board as you lay the laminate from left to right across your room, cut the last laminate board with your Dremel DSM20 with the DSM840 cutting guide and the Dremel DSM500 Multi-Purpose Carbide Wheel to size. Measure the last board by turning it 180 degrees and lay it next to the previous one. Remember to stagger your joints. Continue to lay your laminate boards left to right until the floor is laid. Fixing them under the skirting boards will keep them perfectly in place without the need to use flooring trims. Use a threshold strip if you are going from laminate to carpet or other flooring material in the next room.