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Digital Fabrication Support

Extensive services complement our 3D tools. Here you can find how-to videos, spare parts, repair, maintenance, warranty information and more for the Dremel 3D printers.

Control panel of Dremel 3D Printer


Make sure to update your firmware to get the best results of features with your 3D printers. Find the latest versions here.

How to videos

We get you started in no time - from unboxing your 3D printer to changing filament, leveling the build plate to your first 3D prints.

3D45 Leveling Arm Replacement

The Leveling Sensor is used in the assisted leveling and auto leveling processes to level the build surface and ensure high quality 3D prints. Follow along with this video to see how to replace the leveling arm in your Dremel 3D printer.

Camera Replacement

Follow these easy steps to replace the camera on your 3D45 printer.

Build Platform Clip Replacement

Follow along to learn how to replace the build clips on your 3D45.



If you are interested in purchasing a Dremel DigiLab 3D printer, please visit 3PI Tech Solutions for more information
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