Create a beautiful Necklace

How to create a beautiful necklace

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    Let's go - step by step


    Woman creating the necklace out of beads

    You need:

    Cut a long length of cord and start to thread on the beads. Tie a knot before and after each bead has been threaded to hold it in place. Then, add the necklet ends, jump rings and toggle clasp.


    Roll out the PMC and form it over a bead, fire clay with Dremel Versaflame

    You need:

    Roll out the PMC and form it over a bead to create a decorative bead cap, allow for the clay to shrink a little. Once it has completely dried out, fire the clay using the Dremel Versaflame.


    Using a Dremel Multi-Tool to scroll design over the silver bead cap

    You need:

    Use the Dremel Engraver and engraver tip diamond (9929) to add a scroll design over the silver bead cap. Polish the bead cap using the Dremel Stylus together with the Dremel EZ SpeedClic polishing wheel (423S) By applying some polishing compound 421 during the process you will achieve the best finish. Thread the bead onto the head pin, then the bead cap over the bead. Bend the end of the head pin into a loop with the pliers and attach it to the centre of the necklace.