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8 PC Glass and Stone Accessory Kit (736)

8 PC Glass and Stone Accessory Kit
8 PC Glass and Stone Accessory Kit
Specially curated kit for all glass and stone applications
  • Reusable storage case for quick and easy organization of accessories
  • Compact size saves space, for convenient storage of accessories
  • Can stack easily, stand upright or hang on a wall by the hook
  • Clear lid, storage bin and removable tray make accessories easy to locate

Product description

Simplified to support your project. Dremel’s line of Specialty Kits were curated to provide you with the precision tools you need.
All in one kit ideal for glass and stone projects, the glass & stone kit includes Dremel’s popular carving, grinding, cleaning & polishing accessories, ideal for the budding artist or diyer.
Diamond wheel points are ideal for fine detail work, cutting, engraving, carving, touch-ups or finishing, bits are covered with diamond particles
Silicon carbide grinding stone is ideal for sharpening, deburring, and general grinding on harder surfaces
Impregnated polishing disc is ideal for general polishing or removing small burrs and scratch marks
Flipbit drill bit ideal for drilling holes, enlarging holes and making small cuts
Delivery details: 8 PC Glass and Stone Accessory Kit (736)
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8 pieces
Product box length, 4.7 cm
Product box height, 14.9 cm
Product box width, 8.7 cm
Gross weight, 0,11 kg
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