How to Make an Indoor Zen Garden

Created Indoor Zen Garden  using plywood and Dremel Tools.
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Have you always wanted to create your own  Zen garden to add to your indoor garden? It’s simple and can boost your mindfulness and meditation whilst helping to relieve stress. Whether you place it on your desk, coffee table or in your living room, we’re sure you will be more than satisfied with the outcome of creating this project! This guide and video will show you how to take raw materials, your Dremel tools and some extras to produce your very own indoor Zen Garden.

You need

Let's go - step by step

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Measure and cut the base panel

Cutting plywood to size for the base of a indoor Zen garden with a Dremel DSM20 Circular Saw.

You need:

Begin by measuring and clamping a piece of plywood for the base of your indoor  Zen Garden. The size of this panel will determine the final size of your indoor  Zen Garden so it’s best to see how much space you have available before marking. Using a Dremel DSM20 Circular Saw and Multipurpose Carbide Cutting Wheel (DSM500), cut your plywood to size.


Measure and cut the edge panels and internal walls

Cutting edges and walls for a Zen garden out of plywood with a Dremel DSM20 Circular Saw.

You need:

Cut 4 edge panels to size relative to the size of your base. The height of ours were 5cm.

Draw lines on the base panel to plan your segments. Using these measurements, cut your plywood to size using your Dremel DSM20 Circular Saw to create mini-walls. Ensure you keep the height of the edges and walls the same for the perfect look.


Measure and cut the centre piece

Cutting slate to size with Dremel DSM20 Circular Saw and Diamond Tile Cutting Wheel (DSM540), to centre an indoor Zen Garden.

You need:

Cut a piece of slate using a Dremel DSM20 Circular Saw and Diamond Tile Cutting Wheel (DSM540), to fit the centre piece of your Indoor Zen Garden. This creates a safe and sturdy base to add a candle.


Attaching your edges to the base

Using wood glue and nails, carefully attach your edges to the base panel of your Zen Garden

You need:

Carefully squeeze a fine line of wood glue onto the edge panels and spread using a clean paint brush create an equal line. Make contact with the base panel and hammer in small wood nails to secure the piece into place. Repeat this 3 more times to attach all the edge panels.


Glue the internal walls to create your sections

Glue the internal wall panels to create sections in your indoor Zen Garden

You need:

Spread a fine line of wood glue on the internal wall panels. Carefully press the each piece against the lines previously drawn on the base. Do this for all your walls to create separate sections and leave to dry for the wood glue’s recommended dry time.


Get creative and add your elements

Add elements like Japanese pebbles, candles, sand and more to your indoor Zen Garden

You need:

Now you have your space to add anything you like! We chose Japanese pebbles and a candle to fill our sections. However, there are a number of options. How about some sand and a mini rake or mini trees and moss? Why not use a Japanese indoor garden design  as inspiration?

This final step is what makes this Zen Garden yours. Be sure to place it somewhere to help your mindfulness and relaxation.