Mini saws

Mini saws

Get sharp and clean cuts in almost any kind of material with ease by using a versatile Dremel minisaw. A compact saw provides a clear line of sight which is great for making precise cuts in wood, plastic, metal, tiles, and other materials, even in a tight space. Check out our step-by-step guides, videos and project inspiration for some extra guidance in your project creation.

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Dremel DSM540 accessory for sawing

Mini saw Accessories & Attachment

Dremel offers you a wide variety of high quality accessories and attachments for different applications.

FAQ | DIY | Dremel DSM20

The Dremel DSM20 is an extremely powerful and compact hand-held saw. It allows users to easily perform straight, plunge, flush and miter cuts in a variety of materials.

Yes. The DSM20 currently has five different accessories for you to choose from. These allow the user to cut in a wide variety of materials.

The DSM20 offers a maximum depth of cut of 20mm.

No. The DSM20 is a very unique tool to Dremel, and therefore requires very unique accessories. Other Dremel accessories are also not compatible with the DSM20.

A plunge cut is when you cut right into the middle of the material. This is particularly convenient with the DSM20, since its cutting wheels do not have teeth, but abrasive grit, ensuring a smooth dive into the material. In addition to that, the spring loaded foot helps you to plunge cut into the material precise and safe. Flush cutting is possible with the DSM600 Multipurpose Cutting Wheel. This special accessory is an offset wheel with dome shape allowing you to cut at surface level. A rip cut is a straight cut-off of a piece of material, usually parallel with the grain (in wood).

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