How to organize your kitchen with a spice rack

    Update and organize your kitchen with a space-saving spice rack that is a piece of art!

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    Let's go - step by step


    Cut your wooden plank using Dremel DSM20 with DSM500 cutting wheel

    You need:

    Measure your desired length of your spice rack. Remember to take into account the number of jars you'd like to include under the rack. Mark your line of cut along your 1x3" poplar plank. Clamp your plank to your workbench and cut along your line of cut using the Dremel DSM20 equipped with a DSM500 Multipurpose Carbide Cutting Wheel. Easily cut along your marked line as you view it through the notch at the front of the tool.


    Measure your trim to the same length and cut with Dremel DSM20

    You need:

    Measure your trim to the same length as your poplar 1x3", mark your cut and cut your trim. This trim will serve as the support for your poplar shelf and will be drilled into your wall.


    Drill 3-5 pilot holes in plank with Dremel Multi-Tool and drill bit

    You need:

    To assemble your trim and shelf, lay your cut trim piece upside-down on your workbench. Lay your poplar plank on top of the trim, turned up-side down as well. Line up the corners of the wood pieces so they are flush. Using a Dremel 4200 tool set to high-speed, with a 3,2mm drill bit, pre-drill 3-5 pilot holes through the two pieces and hand screw them together. We recommend going this route instead of hand-drilling to prevent your wood pieces from splitting. Cover your workbench for drilling applications so as not to leave nicks and cuts behind.


    Use a wood stain to add colour to your wood and apply with a rag

    You need:

    We used a pecan-colored wood stain and applied it with a rag.


    Use a jar lid to space the spice holders along the plank

    You need:

    Once your shelf is dry, use a jar lid to space the spice holders along the underside of your poplar plank. Leave about a finger's width of space between jars to unscrew jars easily.


    Drill a hole through the center of each lid with Dremel Multi-Tool and 150 bit

    You need:

    Once you know where you'll be affixing the lid of each jar, drill a hole through the center of each lid. Lay the lid on top of your plank and drill a pilot hole through the cut center of your lid and into the poplar. Use the Dremel 4200 at high-speed with the 150 to drill the holes. Then, affix the lids by hand by hand-screwing the lids into the pilot holes.


    Drill your rack into the wall

    You need:

    Drill your rack into the wall, through the trim support you cut in step 2.


    Once mounted, fill your jars and screw them into your new shelf

    You need:

    Once the rack is mounted, fill your jars with desired spices and screw them into their new shelf!