Upcycle a Coconut Shell into a Plant Hanger

Recycling a coconut shell to create a hanging planter it's a real pleasure with the Dremel Multi-Tool

Plant lovers from all over the world agree: hanging plants are here to stay. In this inspirational video, micro-influencer Dorota Chwal (@kawawlesie) shows you how to upcycle a coconut shell into a plant hanger for your sustainable indoor garden. Re-using a coconut shell is doable, sustainable and totally on trend too. All it takes is a few easy steps, like opening the shell, drilling holes and sanding the surface. Simply grab your Dremel tools, a coconut and some rope and you’re ready for action. What’s more, with the right wood carving bits, you can even engrave a pretty pattern into your planter! Don’t forget to eat the coconut meat and drink its water for that wonderful zero-waste feeling.