Pot Hanger
  • Difficulty


Save some space in your kitchen. Create a unique and stylish pot and pan hanger from an old window frame.

You need

Step 1

Removing glazing with MM452 Blade

You need:

Remove glazing on long, straight areas of the window using the Dremel Multi-Max with the MM452 blade. To remove glazing in curved or tight spaces, use a Dremel Rotary Tool with the 115 high-speed cutter. Once glazing is removed, you can either re-glaze or remove the pane of glass altogether. Tip: Work with both tools at a medium speed. If you chose to remove the pane of glass, be careful to watch out for any existing nailing holding the pane into place- as they can be sharp. Wear gloves when working on this project.


Step 2

Removing paint with MM70P Sanding Sheet

You need:

Remove paint on flat expanses of the window using the Dremel Multi-Max with the MM70P Sanding Sheet. Use a rotary tool equiped with a Flapwheel sanding accessory to remove paint in areas that are more difficult to access.


Step 3

Finger tighten screw hooks into piloted holes

You need:

Paint the sanded frame. Once the paint is dry, drill pilot holes into the frame in areas where you would like to hang your pots. Finger-tighten screw hooks into your piloted holes. Tip: You can stand the frame upright on your counter, mount it to a wall, or hang it from the ceiling. Here, we hung the window using a galvanized cable looped around screw hooks fixed to each corner of the window frame.