Most Common Camera Capture Issues

If something has gone wrong with your camera capture or it looks a bit weird, go through the foolowing checklist in order to diagnose and fix your issue:

1) Dirty Lens

Make sure your camera lens is clean and the cover has been removed

2) Material Placement

If the edge of your material is right on one of the stitch lines or if your material is especially reflective/shiny or clear, your results could be less accurate. Try moving your material slightly away from the stitch line, or if reflective, try another material

3) Material Height Incorrect

If your camera capture doesn’t look right, it has likely not captured the correct height of your material. Make sure you place the material you want to capture on the bed of your laser, close to the center so that when the LED lights flash off, the red dot is on top of the material. You can enable advanced mode by clicking the “advanced mode“ button on the first screen of the camera capture, to have a little more control over this process.

4) Drawing Issues

For the trace functionality, if the results are not what you expected, make sure there is a high contrast between the artwork and the paper or object on which you have drawn. Black marker on white paper produces the best results.

5) Calibration Problems

If you continue to encounter issues, your camera may not be calibrated correctly. In this case, please contact customer service for assistance. Either camera calibration file has been lost/corrupted, or something has been moved in shipping, so the unit needs to be recalibrated. In some instances this might be corrected with the “offset“ issue our customer service team has identified. Typically if the calibration file needs to be re-downloaded, you will get a camera error (camera doesn’t work at all).