Healthy Paws, Happy Pets

Healthy Paws, Happy Pets

For pets big or small, Dremel’s nail trimmers have your furry friends covered

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Your pet deserves the best

Why trim with Dremel?

Become a trimming expert in minutes

5 Step-by-Step Videos:  Watch, Learn, Trim & Save

5 Step-by-step videos: Watch, learn, trim & save

Class is in session. Learn about pet nail trimming in 5 short videos. Watch them all or select the one you want to view.

Unlimited paw-sibilities with Dremel

Hear what pet lovers are saying

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Stress-free pet nail care with Dremel

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DIY pet pampering

✔ Any size, any breed

✔ Any nail color, light or dark

✔ Any time they need it, from the comfort of home

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Trusted by experts & professionals

✔ Vets love it & recommend it

✔ Groomers love it & use it daily

✔ Most importantly, pets love it

Already own a Dremel?

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AT02-PGK Pet Grooming Attachment Kit: $19.99

Add this to an existing compatible tool and get started with pet nail trimming today!

Pets Love Dremel

Effortlessly trim any breed, any size, any time, anywhere

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