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Add this kit to your Dremel tool and start trimming your pet’s nails today

Paw Perfection at Home

Find the perfect fit for you and your pet in the Dremel pet shop!

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Learn how to trim your pet’s nails in just 5 short videos (plus a discount code at the end!)

Step-by-step Guide to Pet Nails

Learn how to trim your pet’s nails in just 5 short videos (plus a discount code at the end!)

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Welcome to the Dremel crew

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Dremel Rotary Tools have been a global staple for creators and DIYers alike – their versatility and functionality unlock limitless projects, while their complete disregard for “the rules” make themselves one of the smallest power houses in your toolbox. And while we’re known for rotary tools, we do more than dabble in all things DIY. Check out what our full Dremel line-up has to offer!

The Real Deal

Join us in celebrating real Dremel creators – each with their own passion, purpose and product fave.

Meet Jerri Hoby

The visionary behind MENO - where old and new furnishings are reborn with purpose. With Dremel in hand, she's redefining sustainable design, one project at a time.

Meet Kiley Getz

She's not just organizing homes; she's crafting calm out of chaos with solutions that stick. Ready to declutter your space and your mind? Check out a few of her tried and true tips.

Meet Haley Paszkiewicz

As a city dweller, she’s short on space but not on style. Get inspired as she tackles a range of DIY projects from home décor, to gift giving and everything in between.

Meet the new Dremel 4000

Meet the new Dremel 4000

Enhancing power, comfort, and sustainability: Your ultimate corded solution

Explore the Dremel Pet Shop

Explore the Dremel Pet Shop

With easy-to-use, lightweight, and quiet cordless tools, the Dremel pet shop has your furry friends covered. Plus, all the education and resources you need to complete the project from start to finish with confidence.

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