How to Find the Best Settings for Laser Material?

1) Use the Materials Library

The easiest way to identify optimal settings is to select the material type from the material library in your Dremel software. This will auto-populate your print settings with recommended settings. If these don’t work perfectly, try adjusting the settings up or down 5-10%. Once better settings are identified, they can be stored by creating a duplicate of the Dremel material, or creating your own in the Materials>More menus.

2) Run Test Files

If your material isn’t listed in the library, then you can run test files from the LCD touchscreen on the material you would like to use. You can choose either engrave or cut test files under Tools>Test Files that will run a wide variety of settings on a single sheet. It is recommend that you use a single piece of material that is 20 x 12 in dimension, and run all the test files at one time. You can then select the desired results based on the output.