Laser Isn't Cutting Through Material

There are four 3 common conditions which can cause may cause your laser cutter to ineffectively cut through materials.

1) Ensure The Material is Laserable for a 40W Laser

LC40 Material List

2) Material Variation

Most materials have some natural variation. The most common cause for not cutting through is that your material isn’t perfectly flat, so the laser is out of focus as it gets closer/further away from the material. Differences in material composition can also prevent the laser from cutting through (areas with more glue in plywood, pockets of air, knots it wood, etc.). Always store materials in a flat, dry area with something heavy on top to prevent warping.

3) Make Sure the Laser Head Isn't Focused

Make sure your laser head is focused.

4) Incorrect Settings

Validate that you have the correct material selected and/or appropriate cut settings selected. You may need to adjust settings provided in the library up/down 5-10%. Or, depending on the material type and manufacturer, you may need to create a unique material profile.