LC40 Discontinuance FAQs

After much thought, the Dremel brand has made the decision discontinue the LC40 laser engraver to re-emphasize its focus on its tools and 3D printer products.

No. The LC40 is the first laser in the marketplace to offer Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification for safety and the product features a variety of built-in safety features. The discontinuance of the LC40 is based solely on business priorities and not the product itself.

No. The Dremel brand is exiting the laser cutting product category and no additional laser products will be introduced.

The discontinuance of the LC40 does not affect our current refund policies. Please refer to the return policy of the retailer where the LC40 was purchased.

The Dremel service center anticipates it will have five years of parts in inventory to support the LC40.

Updates to LC40 software will cease now that the product has been discontinued.

Updates to LC40 firmware will continue as long as replacement parts for LC40 are available from Dremel.

The Dremel service center will have some accessories in stock until they are depleted. You can contact BOFA direct for service and ordering replacement accessories.

The Dremel service center will have some laser materials in stock until they are depleted. After that time, you will need to purchase laser compatible materials from other sources such as Romark / Johnson Plastics.

Manufacturers such as Full Spectrum Laser (FSL) may have some replacement parts that are similar to those used on the LC40. Should Dremel establish a relationship with a manufacturer of parts that can be used on the LC40, we will post that information on the LC40 product service page on