What to do if You're Having Software Connection Issues?

Check the following 4 topics to see what's causing you to have difficulty connecting to the laser software:

1) Browser Error

If your software says “disconnected“ it is having trouble communicating with your laser. Try refreshing your browser. Double check to make sure your browser is up to date. Outdated browsers can cause software issues.

2) Lost Connection

Validate that your computer and your laser are both connected to the same network and/or the Ethernet cable hasn’t come unplugged, or the wireless router has not shut off.

3) IP Address Changed

Occasionally your IP address changes. Double check that the IP address at the bottom left of your touchscreen matches the one you’ve typed into your browser.

4) Security Issue

Sometimes there are security measures built into your network and/or your browser that could be preventing you from accessing the Dremel software. Check with your IT/Data Security team.
If none of the above resolve the issue, contact Customer Service at 1-844-437-6533.