Dremel® Transforms Pet Nail Care: Introducing an Innovative Online Platform for Fear-Free Trimming

Gain Confidence in Pet Nail Trimming with the Digital Pet Pedicure School by Dremel – Expert Guidance and Premium Tools Delivered to Your Doorstep for Happy, Healthy Pets

Dremel® Transforms Pet Nail Care: Introducing an Innovative Online Platform for Fear-Free Trimming


MT. PROSPECT, Ill., March 5, 2024 – Dremel is excited to announce the launch of its new online platform dedicated to pet nail trimming. The platform is built to empower users, including pet owners and professionals, to trim their pets’ nails easily and confidently using Dremel tools.

The online shop offers a comprehensive experience, allowing users to learn pet nail trimming techniques in minutes through digital education. Available now, users can quickly access valuable educational content, conveniently purchase the right Dremel grooming tool, and have it seamlessly delivered to their doorstep.

The primary goal of the platform is to ensure that anyone, regardless of experience level, can safely and comfortably trim their pets’ nails at home, fostering a happy and healthy pet, while saving on grooming costs. The site provides a user-friendly digital experience, including a Dremel Pedicure Pet School with five informative modules. These video modules, designed for quick learning, guide users on how to trim a pet's nails. Confidence is built through step-by-step instructions, featuring demonstrations by a professional groomer who shares essential tips and tricks for successful nail trimming.

Ed Pchola, Dremel director of operations, shared, “This is our second digital experience. We launched a pumpkin carving online experience in the fall of 2023, and we plan to introduce more digital experiences that provide the knowledge, expertise, and fun for projects that our users want to complete using Dremel products.”

With rich content, step-by-step tutorials, and exclusive tool options, this shoppable site empowers users to combine tools with knowledge for successful pet nail trimming. As with all Dremel tools, they can be used for a variety of household projects and applications beyond the online project experience they are paired with.

The shoppable site features two easy-to-use pet grooming tools – Dremel 7760-PGKD Deluxe Pet Nail Trimming Kit and 7350-PETD Basic Pet Nail Trimming Kit (MSRP $59.99 and $39.99, respectively).

For more details, please visit the Dremel electronic press kit at www.dremel.com/us/en/press-releases.


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