Meet the highly versatile and powerful Dremel 8240

It’s hard to pick a favorite from the Dremel rotary tool line up. But we’re loving the 8240 for its power, portability, and versatility.

With this tool, you can unlock every Dremel rotary accessory and attachment from drilling, engraving, grinding and more. This material master makes functional at-home projects a breeze.


Dremel 8240 - Makes the Cut

Makes the Cut

The 8240 is great for those who are looking to do heavy duty projects with a variety of materials, especially cutting applications. Not sure where to start? The Dremel 8240 rotary tool can cut:

  • PVC
  • Copper Pipe
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Soft Metals

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Dremel 8240 - Cordless Clean Slate

Cordless Clean Slate

Need a tidy tackler? The cordless 8240 is built to power through stubborn rust and gentle enough to finely sand your latest craft creation. Here’s the shortlist of possible projects you could take on with your 8240:

  • Grout removal
  • Wood sanding
  • Rust removal
  • Grime removal
  • Plastic sanding
  • Wood detail refinishing
  • Weld cleans
  • Kiln stump removal

Wanting to get more creative with your projects but like the idea of going cordless? Pairing the Dremel 8240 with fan favorites like the FlexShaft , detailers grip  and our engraving kits  open up a new world of project possibilities. 
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