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Meet the new Dremel 3100

Enhancing ease of use, versatility, and environmental progress

Approachable all-around utility

Effortless power

With a 1.2 AMP motor and variable speed range of 5,000 to 35,000 RPM, the Dremel 3100 rotary tool is your ideal companion for DIY projects. Whether you're tackling light or heavy-duty tasks, you’ll effortlessly handle projects of all sizes. 

Sustainably engineered

Sustainably engineered

The Dremel 3100 is sustainably engineered with over 65% of its tool housing made from recycled plastic.

10% cooler than the Dremel 3000

Comfortable & ergonomic

Experience improved cooling for consistent, top-notch performance in all your tasks. The Dremel 3100, now 10% cooler than its predecessor, the Dremel 3000, thanks to optimized airflow vents that effectively prevent heat buildup. 

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Dremel 3100-1/15

Ready for a variety of applications with help from the 675 Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener and 15 additional accessories. Let's Get to Work!

Dremel 3100-2/60

Don’t feel held back, unleash your project's full potential with a larger set of attachments and accessories, featuring the 675 Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener, A576 Sanding / Grinding Guide and a comprehensive array of 60 accessories.

Tips for Your Dremel 3100

Application and Speed Selection Tips: Dremel 3100 Rotary Tool

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