Trade Flowers that Fade for Long-Lasting Personal Gifts this Mother's Day

MOUNT PROSPECT, Ill., April 5, 2006 — Mother's Day is one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States. It honors one of the most beloved figures in our society – Mom. But finding the perfect gift that says "Thank You," isn't always easy. This year, break the mold of traditional Mother’s Day gifts such as flowers and candy and give Mom a personal gift that speaks to her creative side — a tool from Dremel.

"Dremel rotary tools make gift giving easy," said Andrea Ash, director of marketing communications, Dremel. "Whether using a Dremel to personalize a gift for Mom or giving a Dremel to the crafty or handy Mom, family members can give Mom a gift that keeps on giving and will hold meaning in her heart forever."

Creating Memories

Want Mom to remember exactly when and where she received your gift? Make it memorable by personalizing it with her name, the date or an engraved message. The new Dremel Stylus™ is ideal for making one-of-a-kind memories. The accuracy and precision control of the Stylus allow you to easily personalize any gift. From intricately etched glass flower vases to personalized sterling silver picture frames, Mom will instantly light up when she sees your message engraved on it. Using the Stylus with a #83322 silicon carbide grinding stone, carefully trace an image, date or name onto the gift. Keep the Stylus at a maximum speed of 25,000 rpm, let the tool do the work as you focus on the design.

Making Mosaics

If your Mom has your family's precious memories stored in her digital camera, there's no better last-minute gift than printing the photos and gifting them in a beautiful hand-made picture frame. Dremel can help you create a colorful mosaic that will add a bit of sparkle to an ordinary frame.

Start by choosing a flat paneled picture frame and multi-colored glass tiles, ceramic pieces or mosaic marbles. Carefully break the glass and tiles with tile nippers, remembering to wear safety goggles when working. After breaking your tiles into small pieces, glue them to the frame with the new Dremel Glue Gun (try to glue the pieces as flat as possible to make grouting easier). The Dremel Glue Gun makes DIY and crafting projects easy with its anti-drip tip and its convenient extended trigger with room for three-finger control. Its broad base and one-touch kickstand will offer the optimal stability needed when working with tiny glass mosaic pieces.

Wearing gloves, spread mosaic grout (available at local craft and art stores) over the picture frame and into the gaps with your fingers, following the directions of the grout you chose. As the grout dries on the surface brush off the excess with an old toothbrush and a damp cloth (finish by following directions of the grout you used). Allow your mosaic to dry over night in a cool place. Once dry, go over it with the toothbrush once again and then a soft cloth to remove dust and haze.

Visit the new website at www.dremel.com for more gift ideas and projects to make either with or for Mom this Mother’s Day.

Remember, when using power tools, parents should work with the tools and let their kids help with the design and decoration of the project. Protective eyewear is always recommended.

About Dremel

Since inventing the high-speed rotary tool more than 75 years ago, Dremel has become the trusted name in high-speed rotary tool technology, providing creative solutions for hands-on professionals, homeowners, craftspeople and artists alike. The Dremel brand’s leadership in design and manufacturing has made it the top selling rotary tool in the world, a reflection of the company’s commitment to innovation and quality.

Today, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation in Mount Prospect, Ill., Dremel continues to build upon this legacy with a full line of high-performance rotary tools, benchtop products, specialty tools, accessories and attachments, delivering the perfect solution for almost any job. Regardless of what the task may be, users quickly realize they can depend on Dremel to provide the satisfaction of a job well done.

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