Stylize Your Backyard This Summer Season

From grilling to gardening, the outdoor season is here.

(NewsUSA) - From grilling to gardening, the outdoor season is here. But is your patio primed for the party? According to resident Dremel® Tool expert Pat Hensiak, summer is the perfect time to spruce up the patio and embrace simple outdoor do-it-yourself projects.

"We receive numerous calls from do-it-yourselfers looking to give their outdoor space new life," Hensiak said. "The right tool will help reinvigorate summer entertaining and cookouts."

Consider these simple suggestions to prepare your patio or backyard for a festive summer barbecue:

  • Freshen up metal patio furniture. Season after season, patio furniture is exposed to outdoor elements. Remove any loose or flaking paint with a rotary tool such as the Dremel Stylus and the No. 530 stainless steel wire brush accessory. The Stylus fits into the palm of your hand, helping you maneuver around table curves and handles. When the rust is removed, wipe down and rinse the furniture. Once dry, finish the project by applying a coat of rust-resistant paint.
  • Clean the grill. Everyone hates to clean the grill. And because they do, the grill collects baked-on and hard-to-remove residue. But a rotary tool can be used to avoid hand scrubbing and quickly rids the grates of any cooking deposits. Tackle the task with the Dremel Stylus and the No. 511 abrasive buff accessory. Once clean, treat the cooking rack with vegetable oil or cooking spray to prepare your barbecue feast.
  • Make terra cotta luminaries. Looking to add a warm glow to your patio party? Create one-of-a-kind luminaries to light up the conversation. Draw or trace a design onto a terra-cotta pot. Then, using a hand-held rotary tool, carve out your design. Insert a votive candle to illuminate your table, entryway, patio or garden. Try a citronella candle to keep the pests away.

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