Sanding the window frames of your new home is effortless with a Dremel Lite (7760-15)

Moving Houses

Moving into a new home? Now’s the perfect time to dust off your tools and your DIY skills too.

How to cut and fit laminate

How to Cut and Fit Laminate Flooring

Learn how to lay a laminate floor that fits neatly into the foot of the skirting board using the Dremel US20V!

DIY: your very own floating shelf

Create a Floating Shelf

Follow our step-by-step guide and put your router tool to good use by making a modern floating shelf.

Change tiling around your toilet with Dremel DSM20 Compact Saw

Changing the Tiling Around your Toilet

Learn how to change the tiling around your toilet using a Dremel compact saw.

Before and after restoring old window frame

How to Restore an Old Window Frame

Learn how to restore an old window frame perfectly, and improve your sanding skills at the same time.

DIY Moving Projects

Upcyle a plain table into a modern desk

Turn a Table into a Modern Desk

Watch this inventive Dremel video and be inspired to upcycle a plain table into a unique home office desk – with tablet stand and cable catcher.

This copper clothes rack can be yours with a Dremel Multi-Tool

Make Your Own Copper Clothes Rack

Check out Dremel’s inspirational video and learn how to make your very own industrial-style copper clothes rack.

Discover how to upcycle an old chair into a chic towel rack and bathroom shelf

Upcycle a Chair into a Towel Rack

Get your tools and sanding equipment and breathe new life into an old chair.

Turn a Paint Roller into a Decorative Pattern Roller

Create Your Own Pattern Roller With a Hot Glue Gun

In this easy-to-follow DIY video, learn how to create a unique decorative pattern roller with a hot melt glue gun and a paint roller.

Upcycling project: turn an old wire basket into a stylish sidetable using your cleaning and polishing tools.

Turn a Wire Basket into a Sidetable

Delve into this inspirational upcycling project and transform an old wire basket into a smart sidetable with your Dremel Rotary Tool.

Turn a salad bowl into a pendant lamp

Turn a Salad Bowl into a Pendant Lamp

Searching for your next engraving challenge? See how an everyday salad bowl is transformed into a unique pendant lamp.

Tips and Tricks for Moving into a New Home

These guidelines on what to do and what not to do while completing DIY projects will save you lots of time and energy when moving houses.

Avoid failures during your precision DIY projects

Tips and Tricks for Using Your Dremel Rotary Tool

No matter how long you’ve been working with Dremel’s rotary tools, there’s no such thing as too many tips. Here’s a list of the best ways to avoid some of the most common mistakes you’ll come across in the workshop.

Sanding tips: learn how to avoid failures on your next DIY project

Tips and Tricks for Sanding

Follow our guide to avoid the most common mistakes people make when sanding. Learn what to do and not to do before you begin, and you’ll have smooth surfaces in no time!