Create your own Idea Board

    Start organizing your thoughts with your new Idea Board!

    You need

    Step 1

    Using a Dremel DSM20 and DSM500 wheel, cut plywood

    You need:

    Measure the space you want your idea board to fill. Cut a piece of MDF or plywood to that size. Here we used MDF to achieve a nice, smooth finish. Draw your cut lines on your MDF and clamp it onto your work table. Using a Dremel Saw-Max and SM500 Wood and Plastic Wheel, cut along this line. You will see how easy it is to achieve a smooth, straight cut - following the cut line through the notch at the head of the tool. Paint the newly cut piece with chalkboard paint and allow to dry (Cure time can take up to 24 hours. Refer to instructions from paint manufacturer). While your chalkboard paint is drying you can cut your other material for the board. (See next step)


    Step 2

    Using the Dremel DSM20 cut metal for magnets

    You need:

    You can fill this idea board with various types of material including peg board, dry erase boards, cork board and more. Here, we wanted the ability to hang items with magnets so we chose to add sheet metal to our idea board. We decided to give the board a checkered look by dividing the board into 4 sections, alternating metal and chalkboard surfaces. To do this, take the total measurement of your cut from step 1. Ours measured 36" wide by 36" tall. Divide this into 4 square tiles - 4 sections of 18" by 18" squares. Measure and mark your cuts for 2 of these 18" by 18" square tiles in sheet metal and clamp it into place on your work table. With a quick accessory change from step 1, place a Metal Cutting wheel into your Saw-Max. Following the marked line as you did with step 1, move your tool slowly through the metal. Remember to let the speed of the tool do the work.


    Step 3

    Using the Dremel DSM20 cut metal for magnets

    You need:

    Once your chalkboard is dry, drill your metal pieces onto the board. It is easiest to do this if you first drill pilot holes through the metal before screwing them into place. Safety: Always use gloves when cutting metal.


    Step 4

    Drill your board against the wall

    You need:

    Finally, drill your board against your back wall. Now you're ready to start organizing your thoughts with your new Idea Board!


    To reduce the risk of injury user must read instruction manuals for all tools used in this project. Wear eye and respiratory protection. Use clamps to support work piece whenever practical.