Indistrial lamp made of recycle materials
  • Difficulty

Recycle items around your home to create a unique, industrial-looking lamp!

You need

Step 1


You need:

We created our lamp by mounting a light from an old lamp through an aluminum tea kettle. Start by grinding an opening in the top and the bottom of the kettle. Here, we used the 932 G Aluminum Oxide Grinding Accessory included in the 4200 kit. Mount the accessory in your 4200, set your tool to a speed setting of 10, and apply a light touch to grind out the openings. Stop and check the size of your openings as you go, making sure you are creating an opening just large enough to snugly fit your threaded rod.


Step 2


You need:

Using the same accessory and speed setting, grind a notch for your cord to run out the back of your kettle.


Step 3


You need:

Next, we took the stem and light of an old lamp and altered the height to fit our tea kettle. If you need to alter your existing light as we did, first measure and mark the length of the threaded rod you’ll need to cut. The rod should be tall enough to allot for the size shade you'd like. Secure the rod in a vice and cut along your marked line using the 4200 tool. Just pull back the levers on the tool and remove the grinding stone. We removed the nose of the tool, replaced it with the Shield attachment and inserted an EZ Lock Shank with a Cutting Wheel EZ409. Set your tool to the highest speed setting for this cut.


Step 4


You need:

We re-used the shade frame from the used lamp we re-purposed but created a unique lampshade using flexible metal grate that we picked up from the home improvement store. Insert a 1/8" Drill Bit 150 into your 4200 tool, set the speed to 15 and drill holes to secure bolts through to make a circular shade.


Step 5


You need:

Set your newly cut lamp core into the kettle, stringing the cord through the bottom.


Step 6


You need:

Set your shade frame on the core and set your new shade in place.