Stencil Application Made Easy

Stencil Application        Made Easy

Finding the right design template and applying it correctly can make all the difference

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Stencil Sizing

Print in a few different sizes to find one that fits your pumpkin carving surface area

Stencil Preparation

Cut the excess paper from around your template and tape it flush against your pumpkin

Stencil Outlining

Using the tool of your choice, pierce the outline into the skin of your pumpkin

Stencil Sizing

Step 1: Stencil Sizing

Printing in multiple sizes allows you to see your design against your carving surface area to ensure you get your desired look and feel on your pumpkin

Stencil Preparation

Step 2: Stencil Preparation

After cutting the excess paper around your template, you're left with a circular design to adhere to your pumpkin and begin the process of creating your masterpiece 

Stencil Outlining

Step 3: Stencil Outlining

Using the tool of your choice (toothpick, pen tip, small screwdriver, pumpkin hand tool), pierce small dots into the skin of your pumpkin. Remove the paper and begin etching your design!

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