Dremel Pet Accessory Overview

Dremel Pet Accessory Overview

High quality accessories, for every step of the project

Whether you’re using the basic or deluxe trimming tool kit, sanding bands or discs, we’ve got you covered from start to finish. See below for what’s included. Plus, how to best utilize, change and understand each accessory and attachment.

7760-PGKD Deluxe Kit Accessories

7760-PGKD Deluxe Kit Accessories

With 9 accessories and attachments, the Deluxe Pet Nail Trimming Kit allows you to choose your preferred method of nail grinding. Insert the nail into the opening of the guard for straight on trimming or use the sanding bands for free-hand nail grinding. Includes:

✔  (1)Nail guard attachment with clear cap, setting 2 is recommended

✔  (1) EZ lock mandrel with (4) grooming discs to be used with the nail guard attachment

✔  (1)Sanding drum mandrel with band attachedand (1) additional 60-grit sanding band

✔  (1) EZ twist nose cap to be removed when using the nail guard attachment and discs

✔  (1) Wrench, (1) USB charging cable and (1) wall plug power supply



7350-PETD Basic Kit Accessories

7350-PETD Basic Kit Accessories

With 5 accessories, the Basic Pet Nail Trimming Kit has just what you need for simple free-hand grinding of your pet’s nails. Includes:

✔  (1) Sanding drum mandrel with band attached

✔  (4) 60-grit sanding bands, allowing for multiple uses before replacement

✔  (1) Wrench for tightening accessories before use

✔  (1) USB cable for recharging the tool before and after each use


AT02-PGK Pet Grooming Attachment Kit

AT02-PGK Pet Grooming Attachment Kit

Already own a Dremel tool and want to easily begin trimming your pet’s nails? The pet grooming attachment kit has 5 accessories and a nail guard attachment that can get you up and running in no time. See below for inclusions and compatibility.

✔  (1) Nail guard attachment with clear cap, setting 2 is recommended on most models

✔  (1) EZ lock mandrel for quick and easy change of sanding discs

✔  (4) 60-grit sanding discs, easily attached to the mandrel

✔  Compatible with the 3000, 4000, 4300, 7300, 7700, 7760, 8100, 8220, 8240, 8250, 8260 models

A quick guide to using the pet accessories

With the 7760-PGKD, the nail guard attachment with clear cap will come on the tool pre-assembled. A simple twist can remove it when necessary. Also includes a hinge to open and clean the attachment. After removing the nail guard, you’ll find the EZ lock mandrel assembled with an attached disc. To remove, press the blue lock button on the tool twist the black collet to loosen the accessory. To tighten back into place, press the blue lock button again and twist in the other direction, using the wrench at the end to fully secure it. If looking to switch to free-hand grinding without the attachment, remove the current accessory and put the EZ twist nosecap on the tool and secure the sanding drum mandrel with the sanding band already in place.

For the 7350-PETD, you will be exclusively working with the mandrel and sanding bands. To assemble, press the black lock button on the tool and twist the black collet to loosen. Fully insert your sanding drum mandrel, press the black lock button again and twist to tighten in the other direction, using the wrench at the end to completely secure it. If changing out the sanding band after multiple uses, you can use a small screwdriver or the bottom of the wrench to loosen the screw on the top of the mandrel. Remove the used sanding band and replace with new band, tightening the mandrel screw before inserting into the tool.

With the AT02-PGK, you are just a few simple steps away to pet nail trimming with a current, compatible Dremel tool (see above for models). Simply twist and remove the existing nosecap, replacing it with the nail guard attachment. Secure the EZ lock mandrel and disc into place, and twist the nail guard into place with setting 2 (for most Dremel tool models) on the clear cap.

How-to resources for pet nail trimming

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