Mailbox Makeover

Freshen up your mailbox with some cedar shingles and the Dremel UltraSaw.

  • Difficulty

Is your mailbox currently sitting on an old, thin pole at the end of your driveway? Freshen up your mailbox with some cedar shingles and the Dremel UltraSaw.

You need
  • Hammer & Nails
  • Staple Gun
  • Mailbox
  • ¾” Plywood
  • Cedar Shingles
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1 5

Step 1

Measuring mailbox

First, open the door of your mailbox, and to measure the inside top, bottom and sides of your mailbox. This ensures you can open your mailbox door completely when the project is finished.

Step 2 5

Step 2

wood cut outs with dremel compact saw

Then, cut 4 boards to the desired length and measured dimensions from step 1, out of ¾” plywood with the Dremel UltraSaw and wood cutting blade.

Step 3 5

Step 3

skinny long box

Next, taking the wood cut in step 2, assemble the box by overlapping all 4 corners. Secure together with hammer and nails. The top portion will go inside the mailbox as support.

Step 4 5

Step 4

decorative wood placed on skinny box
side of skinny box

We used cedar shingles to keep our mailbox looking natural, but peruse your local home center for other material options. If the shingles do not fit, trim them down using the UltraSaw again. Overlap the shingles and secure with staples to the plywood.

Step 5 5

Step 5

placing decorative mailbox stand over anchor wood

Finally, slide the box you just created over the existing mailbox post. You may have some extra room, so adjust the wood on the mailbox depending on how far you prefer it to stick out from the sidewalk. Secure it to the mailbox using hardware.


To reduce the risk of injury user must read instruction manuals for all tools used in this project. Wear eye and respiratory protection. Use clamps to support work piece whenever practical.