Puppet Theater
  • Difficulty

Create endless possibilities with this simple and imaginative puppet theater!

You need

Step 1

Cutting base with Dremel Saw-Max

You need:

Begin by cutting the base front panel of the theater from the 1/2" plywood material. If you are following our design, measure and mark this cut at 40" wide by 30" high. From the same plywood stock, measure and mark a topper panel at 40" wide and 6" high. On your second plywood panel, measure and mark your side pieces at 20" wide by 48" high. With your material clamped to your workbench, cut along your marked lines using a Dremel Saw-Max tool with the Wood & Plastic SM500 blade.


Step 2

Mark and cut wood with  SM500 blade

You need:

To make a pointed-top header piece as we did, find the center of the narrow header piece you cut in step 1. Mark down 3" from that point and with a straight edge, connect the bottom corner of each edge with the center mark. Using your Saw-Max tool equipped with the same SM500 blade, make your quick cuts along the marked lines.


Step 3

Cut out sides of board with MM40 tool

You need:

Next, we created the embattlement pattern along the sides and top. To make this step easy, we used our Saw-Max tool and SM500 blade to cut a 3x3" square template. Use the block to trace an even pattern along the top. We measured three block cut-outs along the tops of each of our side pieces. We made our cut-outs with the MM40 tool and MM480 Wood Flush-cutting blade. With our tool set to high, we quickly and easily cut along our marked lines. This tool is perfect for making these smaller cuts.


Step 4

Use screws to attach base front with header

You need:

Using the 1 x 2 x 48" poplar material, attach the base front to the header with screws through the front. If you do not have poplar at these dimensions, use your Dremel Saw-Max tool and SM500 wheel to cut your material to size! We measured and cut our extra poplar material to fit as a sill which we attached to the base front with screws.


Step 5

Attached hinge panels

You need:

Next, attach hinges to each side panel to join with the front base. We attached hinges to each corner of our base panel and each end of the header panel using our drill and wood screws.


Step 6

Making drape rod

You need:

Finally we created a drape rod with some of our scrap material and wooden dowel. Cut a 1/2" by 2" block of wood using your Saw-Max or Multi-Max tools. Using your Dremel 4200 with a 150 Drill bit, drill a hole 1/2" diameter about 75% through the block. Repeat the process on a second block. Cut the 1/2" dowel rod to 40.75" using your Saw-Max or Multi-Max tool and cap the dowel with the blocks on each end. Rest the rod on the last embattlement cutout with the blocks on the outside and it's showtime!


To reduce the risk of injury user must read instruction manuals for all tools used in this project. Wear eye and respiratory protection. Use clamps to support work piece whenever practical.