Other Pet Nail Applications

Other Pet Nail Applications

More than just dogs with Dremel

While Dremel tools work great on dog nails, they can just as easily be used on other animals and applications.

Nail trimming made easy for your purr-fect cat

Nail trimming made easy for your purr-fect cat

Cat nails are an application many Dremel users have found to be possible. Instead of de-clawing to prevent damage to your carpets, furniture or flooring, a Dremel is a great alternative. Although the approach is slightly different than dogs, many of the same steps apply. Introduce them to the tool, gently apply pressure to the paw to expose the nail, be mindful of the quick and then trim gradually to desired length. Praise, encourage and reward throughout the process!

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Other animal applications with Dremel

You might not believe it, but our users have shared a variety of ways they’ve used the Dremel tools on all sorts of different animals. From household birds to turtles, to guineau pigs, to farm animals, Dremel can help get the job done. Nails, beaks, talons, hooves and more, all with Dremel tools and accessories.

And did we mention, you can also take on small household projects including, but not limited to: DIY & crafting, sanding, engraving, etching, grinding, sharpening, polishing and more!

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