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App features at a glance



Real-time battery monitoring displays battery % and an estimation of remaining usage-time. Temperature gauges monitor tool and battery temperature.


Set the tool speed from the app using manual or custom speed controls. Custom speed control displays the recommended speed based on your selected material and accessory type.



Receive overheat, overload and low battery alerts with tips on prevention and resolution. View your alerts in the Alert Center.


Find the right Rotary Tool Accessories to use based on your custom project type or by choosing from popular projects.



Quickly contact local Dremel customer support via email or phone.

Frequently asked questions

The Dremel Mobile App may be used to learn about your Dremel Product(s) and Dremel Product accessories, recommended Dremel Product settings for various materials, applications and accessories and Dremel brand accessories, to contact Dremel customer service, and for compatible Dremel Products, to control, monitor and manage your compatible Dremel Product. Notwithstanding anything provided in the Services, you should always refer to the operating/safety instructions in your Dremel Product’s owner’s manual prior to using your Dremel Product or any accessories

The Dremel app allows you to control, monitor and manage your 8260. Gain more control over your tool and projects; receive tool management and performance alerts, accessory guidance, and more - all from your smartphone or tablet.

No the tool can be operated independently from the Dremel app however the Dremel app has connectivity features to the 8260 which will enhance your experience with the tool.

Yes, the 8260 needs to be connected to your smart device to receive notifications.  Enabling notifications also allows you to receive a low battery alert when your battery is below 10%.

The app will provide green, yellow and red status indicators for tool and battery temperature.  The Dremel App also allows you to enable notifications to receive this information.

If the red warning logo illuminates, the notifications section in the app will provide instructions on how to resolve the issues with the tool.

Please see the below troubleshooting tips:

  • The tool is turned on.  Please turn off the tool.  The tool must be turned off to connect to your smart device.
  • Bluetooth is not activated on your smart device.  Please enable Bluetooth.
  • Your tool was turned off for 5 minutes and automatically disconnected.  Follow instructions to reconnect your 8260 to your smart device.
  • Your battery is flat.  Recharge your battery pack and follow reconnection instructions.
  • If you remove the battery pack from your 8260 the tool will automatically be disconnected.  Insert the battery pack and follow reconnection instructions.
  • Your tool is already paired to another smart device.  Un-pair and re-pair to your chosen smart device.
  • Your tool is out of connectivity range.  Ensure you connect your tool within 1 Meter / 3 Feet of your smart device.  Once connected the connectivity range with a clear line of sight is up to 20 Meters / 65 Feet.

You can receive tool management and performance alerts, accessory guidance, and more - all from your smartphone or tablet.  These features will help improve your experience with the tool and help to guide you on how to make the most out of your tool.  For safety reasons we advise you to turn the tool off when you want to use the Dremel app to monitor your tool usage.