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Make with Dremel

Make with Dremel

Discover many new projects for you to get your hands on from home maintenance to car care to general and seasonal home decoration.
Get step-by-step guidance and find tons of new uses for your tools.

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Time to roll up those sleeves and get started! Follow along with clear instructions for many great DIY projects and crafts.

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Get inspired! Here you will find lots of information and inspiration to get you going on your functional and creative DIY projects. Become an expert or learn a new skill with our selected articles, tips and how-to videos.

How to

How to

Sometimes you don’t know how to start a job? You question yourself do I have the right materials, tools and knowledge. Take a look at the articles, tips and videos below and it will remove any doubts.

Cutting Project: Turn an Old Suitcase into a Pet-feeding Station

Give it a Twist

Want to try something new?

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Dremel tools can be used for a variety of applications. Learn more about the different applications and try out one of Dremel's projects to show off your skills.

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Makers from all over the world

At Dremel we love connecting with Makers worldwide who share their talent and passion using our tools. Get to know some of the Makers who use Dremel tools for creating exciting and innovative DIY projects in restoration, upcycling and repurposing. Fashion, art and car restoration are just a few project areas our Makers are actively involved in using our tools.

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