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Engraving leather

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How to create a centerpiece for your festive table


What better way to celebrate festivities than creating your own personalised decorations or gifts! Discover new ideas here

How to build a terrarium

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Adding the tiniest detail could change a whole room. Explore our articles and videos to show you how to add stylish decor to your home

How to engrave jewellery

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How to create an intelligent dog toy


Whether you’d like to cut your pet’s nails at home or create a feeding station for your pooch, Dremel is here to help.

Upcycling by using Dremel Tools


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Home renovation with the Dremel DSM20

Home renovation

Whether you're renovating the kitchen or bathroom, we have got you covered for tips and tricks. Grab your tools and let's get renovating.

Organised home office set up

Home Office

When you spend time working from home, a professional yet pleasant work environment is key. Find some inspiration here to refresh or start your home office

Dremel tool with garving accessories

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How to build a chessboard

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Materials like leather and soft metals – such as brass and copper – are easier to engrave.

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Sanding the window frames of your new home is effortless with a Dremel Lite (7760-15)

Moving House DIY

Moving into a new house is a huge undertaking. Let Dremel show you what to do and how to do it with this all-encompassing DIY guide to moving.

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