Multi-Tool Attachment Video Guides

Are you ready to maximize your Dremel experience? Master your craft game of using Flexible Shaft Tool Holder, Mini-Saw, Plunge Router or any other Dremel Multi-Tool attachment with our extensive video guide collection! These videos are designed to provide you with a solid foundation to understand your attachment better and make the most of your Dremel tools. Our video library covers it all - from starting installation to holding position to information on how to run your attachment with ease and confidence! Find the perfect guide for you below to get started.

Multipurpose Cutting Kit 565

Wall Tile Cutting Kit 566

Grout Removal 568

Line & Circle Cutter 678

Flex-Shaft Tool Holder 2222

Workstation 220

Multi-Vise 2500

Detailer's Grip Attachment 577

Shaping Platform Attachment 576

Comfort Guard 550(1)

Flexible Shaft 225

Right Angle Attachment 575

Plunge Router Attachment 335

Mini Saw Attachment 670

Chainsaw Sharpening Attachment 1453