Heavy Duty Flex-Shaft

Heavy Duty Flex-Shaft

The Dremel Fortiflex, where power meets precision, is a high quality precision tool with a 300W motor, precision hand piece and a foot pedal for variable speed control. With a wide range of Multi-Tool accessories applications range from cutting, engraving, grinding and routing in a variety of materials.



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Complete control over your stationary projects

Carving decorative patterns on wood with FortiFlex 9100
Grinding off surface of a wooden beam to create a 3D decorative model
Grinding off rust from an old metal piece

Shaping a sculpture by slowly sanding its surface
Polishing a small decorative accessory for key chains
Shaping metal with Dremel FortiFlex 9100
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FAQ | DIY | Dremel Forti-Flex™

Yes. The flexible shaft and the hand piece become warm during use; therefore, the grease inside becomes more fluid. Make sure that the hand piece is not hanging downwards after use to avoid the grease dripping out.

No. To lubricate your flexible shaft use regular ball bearing grease. HINT: in order to prolong the life of your tool, make sure that its flexible shaft is regularly greased.

Replacements of these items can be obtained from your local customer service.

The Dremel Forti-Flex has a fully adjustable chuck interface (up to 4mm) for accessories and so can fit any current Dremel Multitool accessory of any mandrel size without the use of multiple collets. The Dremel Forti-Flex should not be used with Dremel Trio accessories as these 4.8mm mandrels are too big for the Forti-Flex chuck. Dremel Multi-Max, Engraver and VersaTip/VersaFlame accessories are also not compatible.

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