Anouk Wipprech working on hers project

Makers from all over the world

At Dremel we love connecting with Makers worldwide who share their talent and passion using our tools. Get to know some of the Makers who use Dremel tools for creating exciting and innovative DIY projects in restoration, upcycling and repurposing. Fashion, art and car restoration are just a few project areas our Makers are actively involved in using our tools.

Maker of the month

Profile image of Rob Van Der Wulp

Rob Van Der Wulp

Meet Rob Van Der Wulp, Netherlands's first full-time professional treehouse builder. At the age of 50, he decided to be creative using his hands and left his career in advertising. He has no fear about creating something from scratch; on the contrary, he uses it as fuel for his creativity.

Other Makers

Dremel Maker Joseph Gower

Joseph Gower

Meet Joseph Gower. He is a British expat living in the heart of the Netherlands- Amsterdam.

Dremel maker Justin Brooker

Justin Brooker

Want to learn more about Justin and the hand engraving work he does? Take a look at these videos to get to know Justin better. He tells you tips on the types of material to use and best techniques to achieve intricate and personal engraved projects.

Profile image of Roland Bijkerk

Roland Bijkerk

Meet Roland Bijkerk. Not only is he a Pitmaster at "Smokey Goodness" but also our star in Dremel 4250 video. Between barbecuing at big festivals and giving workshops he also does the fabrication of the stands. For Roland building the ideas from a piece of paper to reality is what makes it all special and fun.

Maker Gregg


Hyper curious about everything, Gregg started carving skateboard decks in 2013 in his garage using many different techniques he learned during his career as a sculptor/propmaker in the sfx industries. Most of his work combines different materials but wood carving with a dremel tool has always been the main focus of his creative process.

Profile image of Anouk Wipprecht

Anouk Wipprecht

Fashion and technology. At a first glance they seem opposites of each other. When you look at the creations made by Anouk you can see they go hand-in-hand.

Dremel maker Emmanuel Hebert

Emmanuel Hebert

Meet Emmanuel who runs the Youtube channel called “MagicManu”!

Dremel maker Harry Arling

Harry Arling

Harry Arling is an artist through and through: a true creative. He is also a huge fan of Dremel. So, it is high time to ask him some questions!

Profile image of Dorota Chwal

Dorota Chwal

Meet Dorota Chwal. She was born in Poland and brought up in the picturesque Polish countryside among fields and forests. Dorota loves giving life to used materials and creating new, unique items from objects intended to be thrown away.

Dremel Maker  Lisanne Multem

Lisanne Multem

Meet Lisanne Multem. A Dutch creator who loves interior design, crafting personalised home décor and DIY projects.

Dremel Maker Daan Borsje

Daan Borsje

Meet Daan Borsje, owner of Moto Adonis. Daan has been specializing in building and designing customs bikes since 2012.

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