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Ignite your next project with these cordless and portable Butane Tools. Try welding, soldering, melting, shrinking, removing paint and so on. Or get creative with pyrography, jewellery making and wood burning. For project inspiration, videos and how-to guides, have a look at our page and start creating.



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Project inspiration for working with butane tools

Overview of Dremel Versatip accessories for soldering, shrinking, welding and woodburning

Butane tool Accessories

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FAQ | DIY | Dremel VersaTip™ & Dremel VersaFlame™

The gas used for the Versatip and Versaflame is regular butane gas. This is the same gas that is used for cigarette lighters. Butane gas can be easily found at traditional tool shops and dedicated tobacco stores. Follow the instruction manual on how to refill the tank.

The Versatip is used for soft soldering applications and pyrography. It’s pen-shape makes it very comfortable to use for precise jobs. It also includes more tips than the Versaflame, so it can be used for broader applications. The Versaflame is used for more general soldering work. It can be used as a soldering iron as well as an open flame stationary torch. Both tools can reach a temperature of up to 1200°C, depending on the accessory used. The difference between the 2 tools is that the Versaflame has a higher energy output, so you can heat-up more material in a shorter time.

You can hear the gas flowing when you switch the tool on but it does not ignite. This could be because there is no spark coming from the Versatip. In order to correct this please ensure the Metal Flame Guard is correctly and tightly secured. This will ensure connection to the metal pin which generates the spark. Do not touch the Versatip until it has been cooled down completely.

This could be because the nozzle has become blocked by liquid butane. The most common cause of a blocked nozzle is overfilling of the tank. The tank is full when liquid butane gas escapes from the filling valve. Once this happens please stop refilling the gas to avoid overfilling of the tank. Please refer to the (RE)FILLING THE TANK section of the Versatip manual for more details. If the problem persists, unscrew the Metal Flame Guard. Then unscrew the Ceramic Insulator. Remove the Nozzle with a set of pliers and allow the liquid butane inside the nozzle to vaporize by holding the nozzle for 30 second and then reassemble the components. If a problem persists beyond these suggestions, please contact us so we can provide guidance on getting your tool to us so we can take a closer look at it.

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