Save time with all your difficult cleaning jobs. The Dremel® Versa all-purpose cleaner is perfect for both wet and dry uses, functioning as an oven cleaner, bathroom tile or shower glass cleaner, shoe cleaner and much more. All in one cleaning tool. Whether you’re kitchen cleaning or car detailing, the lightweight and compact design allows you to get into those hard to reach places. Both indoor and outdoor. Thanks to the four quick change spin brush and cleaning pads, including a non-scratch pad and heavy duty pad, this multi-purpose cleaner can be used both on delicate surfaces and on surfaces that allow for more aggressive cleaning. Eliminate elbow grease and effortlessly power clean the toughest surfaces.


The Versa can be used with several accessories to clean almost every material

Carving decorative patterns on wood with FortiFlex 9100
Grinding off surface of a wooden beam to create a 3D decorative model
Grinding off rust from an old metal piece
Shaping a sculpture by slowly sanding its surface
Versa Accessories

Versa Accessories & Attachments

Dremel offers you a wide variety of high quality accessories and attachments for different applications.
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