The Dremel high speed Multi-Tool is a fully integrated system of functionalities centred around one core tool. The Dremel Multi-Tool System range includes diverse tools, useful accessories (including EZ SpeedClic) and nifty attachments for a wide variety of high-precision work. This makes the core tools multi-functional, versatile and easy to use. Whether you are a creative beginner or an experienced craftsman, the Dremel Multi-Tool System helps you to elevate your DIY project to the next level.

The Multi-Tool system

Collage of Dremel Multi-Tools with attached accessories


Dremel has developed a number of high speed corded and cordless Multi-Tools. Every tool has specific features that makes it unique in its class. Dremel has developed each tool to meet the highest quality standards to optimise your enjoyment and comfort while working. Dremel Multi-Tool combined with the right accessory allows you to reach the perfect result in all applications. Its variable high speed make possible to carve, engrave, rout, sharp, grind, clean, polish, cut and sand all kind of materials.

How to start sanding with Dremel Multi-Tool with sanding accessories


Dremel offers you a wide variety of high quality accessories for different applications. To help you select the right accessories, Dremel has created a colour coding system: every colour represents a category of applications. No matter which materials you want to work with, Dremel has a solution for you.

Cutting wood with Dremel Multi-Tool and multipurpose cutting kit (565)


The Dremel line has many different attachments which makes your Dremel Multi-Tool more versatile.
The Dremel attachments expand the usability of your Multi-Tool, so you can do your job with even more precision and ease. Dremel offers attachments to rout, control, cut, saw, sharpen and to reach.

More about using Multi-Tools

Collage of Dremel accessories and Dremel attachments

Multi-Tool attachments and Accessories

Dremel offers you a wide variety of high quality accessories for different applications.
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