Dorota Chwal working on a project

Dorota Chwal

Meet Dorota Chwal. She was born in Poland and brought up in the picturesque Polish countryside among fields and forests. Dorota loves giving life to used materials and creating new, unique items from objects intended to be thrown away. 

Favourite Tool
Dremel 3000

"Upcycling is not only ecological but very creative and economical. I love nature. I draw strength from it and inspiration for new, crazy projects."

Maker Dorota creating a coconut Plant Hanger

Questions we asked Dorota

I have been creating since I was a child. However, my upcycling journey has started with making a wooden table using old boards. The attempt was successful, so I decided to continue, and I liked it very much.

I find it challenging when I don't have the right tools and resources to accomplish the projects I have in mind. However, at the same time, I see this as an opportunity to improvise and see powerful crafting tools in everyday items.

I like learning from mistakes, seeing beauty in small things, learning patience and feeling rewarded once you finish the project.

I love plants, and I thought that a coconut pot could be an interesting exotic addition to my homemade jungle :)

Upcycle a Coconut Shell Into a Plant Hanger