Shopping guide: Essentials for Cutting Your Dog’s Nails

Dremel essentials for Cutting Your Dog’s Nails.

Cutting your dog’s nails at home can be a daunting task. There are many questions to consider – ‘How long should a dog’s nails be?’ is only the beginning. Using an electric pet nail grinder instead of a conventional nail clipper will make things substantially easier, safer and more fun to boot. This super-duper shopping guide provides a list of the must-have products, including the best dog nail trimmer.  

Dremel® Pet Nail Grooming Tool

The best dog nail trimmer: the Dremel® Pet Nail Grooming Tool.

Nail grinders like Dremel’s Pet Nail Grooming Tool are swiftly taking over as the best tools for dog nail trimming. It’s easy to see why! Dremel’s grinder puts you in the driving seat, trimming your dog’s nails gradually and easily while reducing the chance of hurting your pet by going too short. Its quiet motor won’t startle your pet and a safety guard covers the tool’s rotating parts and catches any nail dust that’s sent flying. So next time your dog’s nails are too long, there’s no need to call in the professionals. With Dremel, you can trim your dog’s nails at home without effort or worry.


EZ SpeedClic: Pet Nail Grooming Discs

Dremel’s EZ SpeedClic Pet Nail Grooming Discs come in two grit numbers: 60 and 240.

As a dog lover, you know what carefully cared-for nails can do for your pet’s health and happiness. Once your pet is comfortable with paw handling and nail grooming, why not take things up a notch? Dremel’s EZ SpeedClic Pet Nail Grooming Discs come in two grit numbers: 60 and 240. Together they offer your dog the full nail filing experience. The 60-grit sanding disc is perfect for basic grooming needs like filing and rounding off hard nails. In addition, the 240-grit disc easily softens unsightly grooves and sharp edges, polishing your pet’s nails to perfection. Talk about pampering your pet!