Peticure Prep School Series: Build A Routine

Consistency & regularity builds confidence

Getting started with the nail trim

Schedule & frequency of trimming

✔  Recommend trimming once a month and setting a reminder for yourself on your smart phone
✔ Avoid going too long between trimming as it can increase the risk of nail related issues
✔  Doing the project frequently increases comfort level and confidence for both you and your pet
✔  Be consistent with where you do it, how you do it and how many treats you give!

Confidently completing the project

Why are regular trims important?

✔  Comfortable movement & improved balance for your pet
✔  Encourages prevention of joint issues, healthier posture & better traction on a variety of surfaces
✔  Reduced risk of injuries, such as: breaking, splitting or snags
✔  Helps in avoiding overgrown or ingrown nails that can lead to infections
✔  Enhanced circulation in your pet’s paws

Confidently trim for years to come!

With regular at-home trimming, you can save yourself time, money and stress. At a recommendation of every ~4-6 weeks, this is a simple and easy DIY project. Regularity builds consistency, consistency builds comfort and confidence for you and your pet!

Each year, if you were to have your pet’s nails professionally trimmed 10-12 times, you would likely spend upwards of $150-200. Over the life of your pet, when multiplied by at least 10 years, you could save thousands.

More importantly, you’re actively helping in reducing your pet’s discomfort by taking care of their paws and nails. You are also improving their mobility, balance and traction as they go through their lives happy and healthy.

Using the proper tools and techniques, you could be helping them to avoid injury, joint issues and unnecessary pains that may come with not trimming their nails. Get started with Dremel tools today, see below for options!

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