Pet-icure Prep School: Trimming Your Pet's Nails

A perfect trim, start to finish

Getting started with the nail trim

Getting started with the nail trim

✔  Secure your pet in a comfortable position, whether solo or with a partner
✔  Let your pet hear the noise and feel the vibration on a single nail
✔  Ensure clear visibility to the nail and have an idea of how much you plan to trim
✔  Focusing on one nail at a time, start with the bottom of the tip, bringing up and around
✔  Remembering that the process can vary slightly whether you’re free-hand nail grinding with bands or straight-on trimming with the guard and discs


Confidently completing the project

Confidently completing the project

✔  Work the tool around the tip, slowly bringing it
back to your starting point
✔  Trim small amounts until you reach your desired length
✔  Proceed with each nail, never trimming too far and avoiding the quick
✔  Stop as needed for you and your pet’s comfort level
✔  Praise, reward and encourage throughout

Step-by-step to easy at-home pet nail trimming

Step 1: Whether on your own or with a partner, have your pet in a comfortable place and position

Step 2: Turn on the tool and let your pet sniff the tool, hear the tool and even feel the vibration

Step 3: Make sure there are no mats of fur around the nail and ensure the nails are clearly visible

Step 4: Identify the quick and determine the desired length. In dogs with light colored nails, the quick is often visible by a pinkish or reddish area. With darker nails, it can be more challenging, but can still likely still be seen in a subtle change of color and darker area within the nail. Using a flashlight may help with darker nails. For more on the quick, click here

Step 5: Determine method based on your tool. If using the 7760-PGKD, you’ll likely be approaching the nail straight on using the guard and sanding discs. It is recommended that the guard setting is at level 2. If using the 7350-PETD, you’re likely free-hand grinding with a band or stone.

Step 6: Trim each nail, one by one, in small amounts
A) If using the guard and disc on the 7760-PGKD, the nail is inserted in the opening and utilized until desired length is reached. At this time you may also choose to remove the guard and change to a band or stone for polishing and finishing.
B) If using the sanding band with the 7350-PETD, begin at the bottom of the nail tip, working your way up and around the tip as you remove length.

Step 7: Polish/finish each nail using a band or stone by working around the tip in a circular motion until smooth

Step 8: Give your pet their favorite treat, praising them and encouraging them for how they handled the project!

With each trim, it will get easier for both you and your pet. Not only is it great for your pet’s health, mobility and balance, but it will also reduce wear and tear on your carpets, furniture and flooring.

Next up, lesson 5: Building your routine

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