Peticure Prep School Series: Know the Tools

What makes our tools special?

Dremel pet tool comparison

7350-PETD Basic Pet Nail Trimming Kit

7350-PETD Basic Pet Nail Trimming Kit

✔  7350-PET rotary tool, 5 accessories & USB cable

✔  Easy-to-use one button, single speed operation

✔  Lightweight and cordless for simple free-hand nail grinding

✔  Minimal noise and vibration

✔  Convenient USB charging

7760-PGKD Deluxe Pet Nail Trimming Kit

7760-PGKD Deluxe Pet Nail Trimming Kit

✔  7760-PGK rotary tool, 9 accessories, a nail guard attachment with clear cap & USB cable
✔  Your choice of free-hand nail grinding or disc trimming
✔  Guard attachment allows for optimal angle & depth selection to reduce risk of going too short
✔  Variable speed lets you choose the right pace and power for you and your pet
✔  Lightweight cordless design with low vibration & noise

Save time, money & stress with Dremel pet tools

While both tools are easy to use, there are some key differences. With the 7350-PETD, you have a single-speed and one button for free-hand grinding as you shape the nail in a circular motion. On the other hand, the 7760-PGKD has 4 different speeds of operation and is ideally used with the attachment including the clear guard. This allows you to set the depth for each nail and approach the nail straight on.

The 7350-PETD comes with 5 accessories and is limited to free-hand grinding using sanding bands or stones. The 7760-PGKD comes with the nail guard attachment and 9 accessories, letting you choose your preferred method (sanding bands vs. discs), angle, and style of trimming. The key lies with the nail guard attachment that helps reduce the risk of going too short and hitting the quick, while also collecting dust.

Lastly, both tools also can be used for more than just pet nails. From beginner DIY to craft projects, applications could include a variety of sanding, etching, grinding, sharpening, polishing & engraving projects.

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