Pet-icure Prep School: Preparing your pet

Tips & tricks before you start

Getting acquainted with the tool

Getting acquainted with the tool

✔  Let your pet see & smell the tool before turning it on
✔  Find a comfortable place for you & your pet
✔  Turn the tool on & let them hear the noise
✔  If comfortable, let them feel the vibration before beginning to trim
✔  Introduce them multiple times, depending on their personality, before their first trim


Rewards & positive reinforcement

Rewards & positive reinforcement

✔  Use positive language and tone of voice to help put
your pet at ease
✔  Give them their favorite treat at first exposure and use as needed throughout the project
✔  Tag in a family member or friend as needed to help in calming or controlling a pet that may be nervous or anxious
✔  Choose a time where they may be more naturally calm, such as after a walk or playtime

Overcoming stress & anxiety before you trim

Preparing your pet for a nail trim is essential to having a good experience. It begins with creating a calm and comfortable environment. Choosing a quiet, well-lit space where you are both at ease is a great place to start. Next, letting them see, smell and have exposure to the tool before turning it on can go a long way in reducing their stress around the project.

As you know, your pet will feed off your energy. Being confident, calm and having a positive demeanor will help them acclimate more quickly. And always remember to be patient. It may require a gradual approach and multiple introductions before they’re ready for their first trim.

Since using a Dremel tool at home to trim their nails may be completely new, a great next step is letting them hear the noise of the tool and feel the vibration. Lastly, give them their favorite treats and praise them throughout the activity to help build their comfort around the activity. You got this!

Next up, lesson 4: Trimming your pet’s nails

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