How To Make Gift Tags

Take inspiration from Dremel’s Gift Tags tutorial to give your DIY gifts the perfect final touch.

  • Difficulty


Found the perfect gift but want to make it even more unique? Customized gift tags add that extra sparkle to any gifts you are giving your friends and family. Personalise them with your favourite colors and artwork so your gifts truly stand out while using your Dremel Tools. Don’t miss out how to achieve this by following this fun DIY gift tags tutorial.

You need
  • Ruler
  • Pen/potlood
  • Scissors
  • Leather rope and string
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter
Step 1 6

Cut the leather strap into pieces

Cutting leather into pieces to create the tags

Upcycling hack: do you have an old leather belt laying around somewhere that you don’t use anymore? You can cut the belt to pieces too to create these DIY gift tags!

Start by measuring and cutting the leather strap into the pieces. The measures of the pieces will depend on the how big or small you want the tags to be. If you want to add more personal touches to the leather gift tags or if you have a bigger sized gift, you can cut out larger tags.

Step 2 6

Engrave your design on the tags

Engrave your design easily using the Dremel Stylo+

Decide and sketch what you are going to be putting on your tag, whether its someone’s name, a cute design or just a message for that special person. You can use a pencil to draw it on the leather tag or practice a couple of times on a piece of paper first to get a hang of it.

Then grab your Stylo+ and start engraving the design by using the Engraving Cutter 0,8mm. You can get creative here and add your personal style to the tag.

Step 3 6

Drill a hole on one side of the tag

Using the tungsten Cardibe Cutter Spear Shaped to drill a hole through the leather

Continue by drilling a hole on one side of the tag using the Tungsten Carbide Cutter Spear Shaped 6,4mm (9931). Placing the tag onto a non-slip mat will help you to keep the tag still while drilling.

Step 4 6

Decorate you tags

Decorating is fun and easy with the Dremel Glue Gun 930

It’s time to personalise your tag and add your personal touch to it. A perfect way to do this is to grab a glue gun and a color stick and get on going with your decoration skills.

Step 5 6

Add a ribbon to each tag

Cutting the rope to create a ribbon

On to the last step! Add a ribbon to your tag to give it the final touch. Start by measuring the rope and cut the piece you will be using as the ribbon. We’ve used ribbons of 20cm to have enough space to tie it firmly to the gift.

Step 6 6

Final result

Tags ready! Time to add the final complement to each of your gifts.

There you go! Now your gifts for your loved ones will feel more personal and unique.