How to Make Personalised Leather Table Place Cards

An engraved leather place card on a festive table with dried flowers.
Are you ready to elevate your table décor game this holiday season? One of the most delightful ways to add a personal touch to your table settings is by crafting your own personalised leather table place cards.Whether it's for a festive Christmas dinner, a wedding table, or any special occasion, these leather place cards will leave a lasting impression on whoever is sitting on your festive table!

  • Difficulty
You need
  • Scissors
  • leather piece (preferably dark-colored to contrast the engraved text)
  • button
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter
Step 1 5

Cutting the Leather

Cutting a leather piece with scissors.

The first step in crafting your personalised leather place card is to cut your leather piece into the desired strip length. The length of the strip should be just right to fit around your napkins. Use your scissors for a clean and precise cut.

Step 2 5

Engraving the Name

Engraving a name on the personalised leather place card.

Now, it's time to add a personal touch to it! Use your Dremel Multi-Tool and Engraving Cutter (107) to carefully engrave the name, personalized text or whatever suits your festive table’s concept!

Step 3 5

Drilling a Hole

Drilling the engraved leather piece.

To make your place card functional and ready to impress, we need to drill a hole into the end-right side of the engraved leather strip. Choose one drilling accessory from Precision Drill Set (628) that matches the desired hole diameter. This hole will allow you to attach a leather button later.

Step 4 5

Adding a Leather Button

An engraved leather piece with a button.

Slide a button into the hole you've just drilled. This will not only secure your place card but also add a charming finishing touch. Choose a button that complements your table décor for a truly personalised look.

Step 5 5

Using Your Personalised Place Card

A personalised leather place card on a festive table.

With your leather place card complete, it's time to place it on your festive table. It can serve as a napkin ring, adding an extra layer of elegance to your table settings. Remember that you have the freedom to experiment, to tailor these place cards to your specific theme or preference. From the choice of leather colors to the selection of complementing decorative accents such as tiny ornaments and dried flowers.

Whether it's a Christmas feast, a wedding celebration, a birthday party, or any other occasion in between, these place cards are easy to make and sure to impress! Get creative, experiment with different leather colors or button designs and make your next event truly special! So, create and celebrate!

Certainly! While we recommend dark-colored leather for contrast, you can use light-colored leather if it suits your theme. Just ensure the engraving is legible.

Absolutely! These personalised leather place cards are versatile and perfect for various occasions, from Christmas dinners to wedding tables.

To keep your leather place cards looking their best, store them in a cool, dry place when not in use. Avoid exposing them to moisture or direct sunlight.

Yes, you can certainly use vegan leather for this project. Vegan leather is a cruelty-free alternative that mimics the look and feel of traditional leather. It engraves well and can be a sustainable choice for those who prefer animal-friendly options. Just ensure that it has a similar thickness and texture to traditional leather for the best results.

To ensure the engraved names on your place cards look elegant and professional, you have to choose the right font, practice on scrap leather, test on a hidden area and make sure that you have proper lighting. Also, it is important that you maintain consistency by taking your time and ensure a steady hand when engraving.