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DREMEL® VersaFlame (2200-4)

DREMEL® VersaFlame
DREMEL® VersaFlame
Butane torch – The most versatile stationary burner for both DIY and hobby projects
  • Included accessories allow a variety of creative applications: soldering, shrinking, welding, etc.
  • Integrated ignition button for easy startup, no independent ignition tool required
  • Variable temperature and flame control for versatile use in both torch and flame mode
  • Premium quality for long life, durability
  • Filling valve for quick recharge
£49.50* RRP incl. VAT

Product description

The Dremel VersaFlame is the only stationary burner that safely supports open flame use and comes with a catalyst and soldering head, making it the most versatile stationary burner in the market today, especially for DIY applications. The Dremel VersaFlame is powered by liquid butane gas for quick heat-up and fast recharge. Applications for use include: soldering, shrinking, welding, etc.

Example of usage

Functions and Advantages of DREMEL® VersaFlame (2200-4)

Tank capacity of 22 grams: Longer use; full tank lasts up to 75 min at maximum capacity

Precise flame: Allows for detailed open flame work

Technical details for DREMEL® VersaFlame (2200-4)

Technical specifications
0,227 kg
17 cm
6 cm
11 cm
Battery technology
Burn time
75 min
Tank capacity
42ml / 22g
1200C (open air)680 - 1000C (hot air)550C (tips)
Delivery details: DREMEL® VersaFlame (2200-4)
Order number
Dremel VersaFlame
Soldering tip
Flame extension piece
Soldering tin with blue cap
Soldering sponge + sponge box
Instruction manual
Tin storage case
Product box length, 17.7 cm
Product box height, 33 cm
Product box width, 5.5 cm
Gross weight, 0,90 kg
Order number
EAN Code


The gas used for the Versatip and Versaflame is regular butane gas. This is the same gas that is used for cigarette lighters. Butane gas can be easily found at traditional tool shops and dedicated tobacco stores. Follow the instruction manual on how to refill the tank.

The Versatip is used for soft soldering applications and pyrography. It’s pen-shape makes it very comfortable to use for precise jobs. It also includes more tips than the Versaflame, so it can be used for broader applications. The Versaflame is used for more general soldering work. It can be used as a soldering iron as well as an open flame stationary torch. Both tools can reach a temperature of up to 1200°C, depending on the accessory used. The difference between the 2 tools is that the Versaflame has a higher energy output, so you can heat-up more material in a shorter time.

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Download User manual

Download User manual